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Stop Forced Sterilization in ICE Detention Centers

The forced sterilizations and treatment of immigrants by the Trump Administration ask pointed questions behind the rhetoric of being “Pro-Life.”

Free All Children and Parents Together!

A federal judge ordered that children held by ICE be released declaring that facilities are “on fire” with confirmed cases of COVID-19.



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One Year In, How Much of Trump’s Health Agenda Has Biden Undone?

It’s been a year since President Joe Biden took the reins of the federal executive branch, and with them the power to undo health policies of his predecessor. So how much has this administration accomplished?

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Only six poets, in US history, declaimed during presidential inaugurations; these are, with their poems, and video
A Photographic and personal testimony of members of the Central American Diaspora in the US participating in the 2020 election
On the 8th month anniversary of the Ayotzinapa massacre, supporters from Michoacan Mexico, marched to the Historical Center of Mexico City in support of...


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Patient, Beware: Some States Still Pushing Ineffective Covid Antibody Treatments

States with scarce supplies of monoclonal antibody therapies continue to use two treatments that federal health officials warn no longer work against the highly contagious version of the virus that causes COVID-19

The undue influence of the CCP in the US

There are 23 million Asian-Americans, a third (30 percent), of whom live in California.  Recently, the Biden administration signed into law a bill that...

The forgotten farmhands of Kern

The government has to make immediate investments to improve the lives of the farmworkers in Kern County so that they have food security, a roof to sleep under and adequate health care

Unacceptable: DOJ secretly pursued records of journalists and members of Congress

If there is no policy change and it will all come down to talks and a memo, what guarantees us that this administration, or a future one, will use the same tactics against opponents and the media?

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