Latinos Are Critical to the Environmental Movement

Latino Conservation Week highlights the contributions of Latinos in caring for the environment, while encouraging the community’s culture of stewardship. Here’s how NPCA supports Latino engagement every day. #{image.caption} NPCA’s Los Angeles Outreach Manager Sally Garcia at Joshua Tree National Park, the first national part she ever visited. Courtesy of Sally Garcia

Growing up in Los Angeles as a first-generation American of Mexican-Salvadoran-Latino descent, my connection to nature was nurtured through the limited green spaces available in my community.

From the native plant and food garden at my high school to the popular Ballona Creek Bike Path near my neighborhood, I found spaces where I could take a break from the urban landscape and immerse myself in the beauty of nature. These experiences helped me develop my love for the environment and a desire to protect it and share it with everyone. This sentiment is not unique to me; it is shared by many Latinos across the U.S. #{image.caption} Families from South Central Los Angeles visit Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area for the first time in summer 2023 for an “Art in Nature” event as part of NPCA’s outreach programming. Courtesy of Sally Garcia

Environmental injustice is a critical […]


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