Chronic kidney disease raises risk of sudden cardiac arrest among Hispanics and Latinos

APStock hronic kidney disease was the strongest risk factor for sudden cardiac arrest among Hispanic and Latino adults in the first study to evaluate this population in the U.S. for risk factors of this major cause of death.

Researchers from Cedars–Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles identified clinical predictors that influence out-of-hospital sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) — an emergency in which the heart stops beating that affects 350,000 individuals in the United States annually. They found that more than half the SCA patients in the study , published Wednesday in the Journal of the American Heart Association, had chronic kidney disease.

Historically, Hispanic and Latino individuals have been underrepresented in cardiovascular disease research. “Sudden cardiac arrest is a major cause of death, yet little is known about risk factors for SCA among Hispanic and Latino individuals, who make up about 19% of the U.S. population,” said Kyndaron Reinier, associate director for epidemiology in the Center for Cardiac Arrest Prevention at the Smidt Heart Institute of Cedars-Sinai, and the paper’s lead author.

In this case-control study comparing 295 Hispanic or Latino adults who had a sudden cardiac arrest to a matched control group of Hispanic or Latino adults who did not, 51% of […]


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