How L.A. libraries are supporting the next generation of Latino authors

More than just a place for books, libraries have evolved into community centers where culture, tradition and creativity intersect. And for the Latino community, libraries are not just silent witnesses to their evolving narratives, but also active participants in shaping their literary futures.

That couldn’t be more true for Ana Siqueira , a Brazilian American author who, in 2018 set a plan to read 25 picture books per day for three months in order to catch up with the new styles of storytelling and story structure.

“When you’re learning to write, you have to read a lot,” she said. “It was very, very important for me, in the sense of really giving me the opportunity to read so many books — not breaking my budget.” Sept. 14, 2023

The opportunity to read all those books for free bore fruit and resulted in her picture book “Bella’s Recipe for Success” published by Beaming Books in 2021.


With a large array of services, libraries serve as a hub of resources and opportunities free for all patrons. Need to hop online but don’t have an electronic device? Borrow a computer for the day or for up to six months. Looking to sharpen your English skills? The […]


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