Review: California politicians should look before they leap on these issues

California politicians tend to make decisions in the here and now, without fully exploring long-term consequences of their decrees.

Decisions by governors, legislators and bureaucrats have consequences, some intended and some not.

Were politics a rational exercise, decision-makers would fully explore potential effects before acting, thereby minimizing chances that what they have wrought would backfire.

However, politics and politicians tend to act in the here and now, rather than worry about what might happen in the future when their decrees collide with the real world.

Examples of short-term decisions that have turned sour abound. One obvious one is California’s ill-starred bullet train project , which has limped along year after year, and still lacks enough money even to complete one initial segment, much less a complete financial plan.If we had known then what we know now, would voters, governors and legislators have so willingly begun a project that seems to exist merely to exist, but serves no discernible purpose?Several other notions kicking around the Capitol currently could use some critical thinking about potential consequences.One […]


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