Will California protect gay marriage in its constitution?

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The colors of the rainbow flag light the dome of the state Capitol in Sacramento, in celebration of the U.S Supreme Court’s decision legalizing gay marriage across the United States in 2015. Photo by Rich Pedroncelli, AP Photo California Democrats want to change the state constitution to safeguard a right that is already firmly protected across the state, just in case the U.S. Supreme Court decides to do away with it.

Same-sex marriage

Oh, and putting it on the ballot will probably help Democrats in the 2024 election.

If that all sounds familiar, you might be thinking of Proposition 1 , the highly popular ballot measure from last November that cemented the right to an abortion in the state constitution and that may have goosed liberal-leaning voters to the polls .

This time, the right in question is same-sex marriage.

On Tuesday (yes, Valentine’s Day), San Francisco Sen. Scott Wiener and Cupertino Assemblymember Evan Low , both Democrats, introduced a proposal to expunge language from the state constitution that defines marriage solely as a union between a man and a woman.To become law, the measure will […]

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