Voter roundtable: Listening to Latino voters from across the country

Latino voters tend to vote Democratic.

But, it’s a folly to presume that a group that represents 20% of the U.S. population is any one thing … and Latino voters are not a political monolith.

“Latinos are the sleeping giant in this country. And yes, 70% of them still consider themselves Democrats,” Rick Sanchez says. “But their vote is still somewhat up for grabs.”

Many Latinos don’t feel completely comfortable with either party.

“They haven’t really bought into that because of the offensive nature of the Republican message,” Sanchez adds. “Democrats, on the other hand, have essentially never really understood Latinos and Latinos feel like Democrats take them for granted.”Today, On Point: We talk to Latino voters. Guests Rick Sanchez , CEO of Agua Media, a podcast production company. Host of Rick Sanchez News. Former host of CNN’s Rick’s List. Former correspondent and anchor at Univision, Fox and NBC. Veronica Lopez , vice president at Zapata National Bank. She is Mexican-American and votes Democrat. Iris Ramos-Jones , real […]


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