Vin Scully, Vaya con Dios – a beacon of possibility for generations in L.A.

When legendary Los Angeles Dodgers broadcaster Vin Scully passed away, I didn’t need to turn on the television, look at social media or hit up sports bars to know how much Southern California was mourning.

I just checked my text messages.

My brother sent over a slew of crying emojis. My cousin Vic admitted he had tears in his eyes while breaking the news to his wife. My cousin Plas — an Angels fan, somehow — added a video of someone pouring out whiskey from a flask, captioning it “RIP to the God.”

My good friend Bobby texted a black-and-white photo of Vin Scully — nothing else. My sister Elsa, who owns a Yorkie named Vinny, told me to mention in anything I might write that Vin Scully died on the feast day of Our Lady, Queen of Angels — the devotional title of the Virgin Mary that’s the namesake of Los Angeles. And my sister Alejandrina — for some reason, an Angels fan — countered with a link to a YouTube video of Vin Scully, a devout […]

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