These SoCal cities rank the worst and riskiest for homeownership

A news study revealed the riskiest U.S. cities for homeownership. Here are the cities in Southern California, ranked.

According to the analysis by, a homeowners insurance resource whose mission is to bridge the gap between individuals and insurance companies, several Los Angeles area cities rank among the riskiest places in the nation to be a homeowner, based on insurance and climate-related factors.

San Bernardino ranked No. 2, Glendale was No. 3, then a little further down was Rancho Cucamonga at No. 10, then Los Angeles in 12th place, and Riverside was No. 13. These cities all ranked within the top 15 riskiest cities to be a homeowner. The worst nationwide? Houston, Texas.

Angelenos are accustomed to heavy rain every year, but sometimes that can lead to severe flooding, which has a 19% risk for individual homes or property. Also, it is no surprise how wildfires are becoming more common in California and can happen almost all year round. Los Angeles homes run a 63% risk of wildfires and 86% risk of homes with major heat.

And although San Bernardino’s natural surroundings are extremely attractive, residents are forced to deal with a variety of dangerous natural threats. too. According to the same analysis, 100% of properties in San Bernardino are at risk of extreme heat and 91% are in zones affected by wildfires, as well as a 30% risk of flooding.

Claimguide also conducted a nationwide survey that resulted in nearly half (46%) of respondents saying that they don’t feel fully prepared to deal with a weather-related event. And 35% of respondents say they’re considering a move that would reduce their overall risk of climate-driven disasters.

Not only does the study analyze insurance-based factors in the most popular cities but it also considers climate-related factors as well as property crime, median age of homes, vacancy rates and accessibility to emergency services within the ranking.

When purchasing home insurance to get the best rate, Claimguide data recommends researching insurance providers and comparing prices as well as maintaining a good credit score and avoiding filing small claims that can also reduce your insurance premiums.

They also recommend always thinking long-term when purchasing a new home in any of these areas as they are considered the riskiest cities for homeownership. To read the full analysis, click here.

First published in CALO News.


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