The Organization of American States Has To Disappear

The Summit of the Americas is over, to Biden’s luck. His diplomatic efforts to have a meeting tailored to the White House’s liking did not work. One where the voice of the United States would continue to be the leader of the chorus. 

On the contrary. The Los Angeles Summit left the feeling that Washington lost influence in the continent. The United States became that handsome, popular, bully boy who grew old. Few follow it now. 

Eight presidents did not attend the Summit of the Americas. The most important absence was that of Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, President of Mexico. But the Mexican leader sent a delegation of high-ranking representatives, which participated “under protest” because of the exclusion of Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua. 

The Mexican president’s rebellion was followed by other leaders.  A total of 20 countries spoke out against Joe Biden’s exclusionary attitude. Ten abstained from expressing an opinion and only two supported Washington’s position.

The Mexican Foreign Minister, Marcelo Ebrard, did not mince words in describing as “a very serious mistake” the U.S. policy of discrimination towards Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua. 

And he went even further. 

Ebrard called for the renewal, almost disappearance, of the Organization of American States.

He said: “Its exhaustion, its shameful role recently in Bolivia. Of its obsession with electoral processes instead of issues of interest to all the Americas. In the pandemic we did not see them” (…) “The architecture, foundations and function of the Organization of American States is exhausted”.

He added: “I understand that it is not easy for the United States to make this kind of decisions, but it is clear that we have to do it. How is it possible that in a Summit most of the attendees express their disagreement and then nothing happens? Well, something has to happen”. 

The Mexican Secretary of Foreign Affairs said that if these issues are not resolved by the next Summit, fewer countries will attend. 


Never before have so many governments, at the same time, dared to criticize the United States; never before in the very house of the host.

 Why is this? Is Washington weakened? Do Latin American and Caribbean countries despise the authority of the United States? Is it a new form of ‘millneilal’ politics?

All and none of these at the same time. 

Indeed, the United States is no longer the strongest in the world. 

The advance of China, India and Russia in global capitalism has eroded U.S. hegemony. Beijing dominates more than 14 percent of the global market and is one of Latin America’s main trading partners. Europe is absolutely dependent on Russian energy and New Delhi has the luxury of closing the food lid at its convenience.

To make matters worse, the war in Ukraine has accelerated the decomposition of the dominant forces. 

Europe is on tenterhooks, caught between the interests of the United States and its dependence on Moscow. 

Asia gallops like a wild horse in an open field.

Washington’s partners in the Middle East have preferred to look out for themselves and continue their energy agreements with Russia. 

And Latin America is knocking loudly on the doors of the White House, demanding a new relationship with its tenant. No more blockades and interventions. 

Therefore, Washington only has to have a good relationship with Latin America and the Caribbean, its neighbors; otherwise, it will be more isolated than ever. 

How? That is the big question. 

But the answer is very easy: by kicking out the annoying, abusive, violent and pedantic guy who, in the name of the United States, meddles in the internal affairs of the neighborhood. 

The United States has to get rid of the Organization of American States. 

A new relationship with the continent must unquestionably include the liquidation of the OAS, which functions as the U.S. Ministry of Colonies.

The infamous Luis Almagro has to go and, preferably, through the back door. If he wants to, let him not apologize. It is not necessary. If he leaves, it will be enough. 

And then, yes, to found something new. On a different basis. An organization that unites the American peoples, respecting their differences, on common interests and the principle of non-intervention. 

An America without colonialism or imperialism. 


  • Luis Alberto Rodriguez Angeles. Writer and journalist. National Journalism Award for Human Rights by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights in Mexico. Reporter with 20 years of experience covering social movements. Teacher and activist.

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