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The Death Of The Brave, a poem dedicated to George Floyd

Dedicated to George Floyd

the day is dead as your body

the hearts are broken as your breath

but me       I am alone in a sea of disappointments and tears

that has no end or bottom

my mind is as trapped as I am        in a maze of my own thoughts and confusion

save me save me now

before I go mad

for I am one of the few survivors of the competent people

for when I was a tree they cut my roots

for when I was a lion they poached my skin

for when I was the wind I was forced to serve the sails

for when I was a bird they tore off my winds

and as I am a human they took my freedom

and they took your soul

June 5th, 2020

Mia Ruffino es una niña de 11 años. Está cursando el 6º año de primaria. Le gusta escribir de todo, especialmente poesía, cuentos, novelas épicas y artículos periodísticos. Le encantan los libros clásicos y uno de sus libros favoritos es Mujercitas, la novela original de Louisa May Alcott de 1868. Tiene un perro pastor alemán que adora y se llama Chaplin. Y quiere hacer una diferencia en el mundo algún día.

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Mia Ruffino is a girl, 11 years old. She is about to start middle school, 6th grade. She is a passionate writer. She loves all genres, specially poetry, short stories, epic novels and journalism. She loves classic literature. One of her favorites is Little Women by Louisa May Alcott, 1868. Mia has a German shepherd dog named Chaplin. She adores him. Mia wants to make a difference in the world one day.



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