A Majority of Texans and 40% of Latinos Support Migrant Bussing

A poll released Thursday indicates that a majority of Texas residents and more than 40% of Hispanic and Latino voters in the state support efforts from leaders in the state to bus illegal migrants to other areas of the country.

The poll also shows incumbent GOP Gov. Greg Abbott maintaining a lead with all voters over his Democratic challenger, Beto O’Rourke.

The statewide poll from Spectrum News and Siena College — which surveyed 651 likely Texas voters — revealed that 41% of Hispanics in the state favor efforts by the state to transport illegal migrants to cities like New York and Chicago, while 44% of Hispanics oppose the process.

Overall, 52% of Texas voters said they favor the practice. Seventy percent of Democrats said they disagree with the bussing of migrants to other cities, compared to 16% of the party’s voters who said they favor it. As for Republicans, 87% said they favor the process and 10% stated they disagree with it.

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