Los Angeles is changing how we think of Latino Political Power

Over the last 20 years, Los Angeles has elected its first Latino mayor and has three L.A. County sheriffs of Latino descent, including current Sheriff Robert Luna, born to a father who emigrated from Sinaloa and a U.S.-born mother with roots in Michoacán.

Still, the community lost a Latina councilwoman to racist remarks, and now various Latino councilmen across the county have been found guilty of racketeering.

Many argue that this is a result of the way in which institutionalized racism in the United States pervades even communities of color, while others say that these people, despite their flaws, have at least paved the way for future generations of Latino lawmakers.

In the second half of 2022, L.A. City Council President Nury Martínez resigned from her seat , Councilmen Gil Cedillo was defeated in a historic primary, and Councilmen Kevin de León’s entire legacy was put into question after leaked audio revealed a conversation between the three council members in which they disparaged Latino immigrants from Indigenous communities and the Black child of a fellow council member, while discussing ways in which they could redraw district maps to increase Latino political party at the expense of Black political […]

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