Latinos in La Misión: A Story of Resistance and Community

 If you walk down 24th street today you’ll see papel picado hanging overhead, the colorful murals and the smell of Latin food being cooked. How did this area come to be the center of Latino life and community in San Francisco? It wasn’t always the center of Latino life in SF.

But the Mission wasn’t always this way. It’s actually one of the oldest neighborhoods in the city and has been home to many different people. It was home to the Yelamu, who spoke Ramaytush language and were one of more than 50 Ohlone groups to live in the Bay Area for hundreds of years before Europeans came. In 1770, the Spanish arrived and chose the Mission for their settlement.

But as with most California history, when gold was found in 1848 it changed everything. Bay Curious is a podcast that answers your questions about the Bay Area. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts , NPR One or your favorite podcast platform. The news about the gold rush spread internationally, and people with mining experience from places like Mexico, Chile and Peru came […]

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