Immigration Reform Begins on Martha’s Vineyard

Despite protests, investigations and a lawsuit, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis intends to continue his cruel political trick of sending undocumented immigrants to sanctuary cities and states.

Fifty Venezuelans to Martha’s Vineyard

The same is publicly stated by the governors of Texas and Arizona, Greg Abbott and Doug Ducey, respectively. The first has been sending thousands of immigrants to New York and some to the capital Washington, in a systematic, organized manner and using treasury funds.

As will be remembered, on September 15, DeSantis ordered the shipment of 50 immigrants in two planes to the island of Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts. There, very satisfied, they abandoned them.

The immigrants were deceived with a false promise of residency and where they were being taken – Boston or Washington DC, they were told. They fled from the persecutory regime in Venezuela, who had requested asylum and were authorized to stay in the country. Ultimately, they came from San Antonio, Texas and not Florida.

Despite the latter, DeSantis boasted that the operation was “part of the state’s relocation program to transport illegal immigrants to sanctuary destinations,” using $12 million belonging to the state Department of Transportation.

The Sheriff of Bexar County in Texas, from where the immigrants were extracted, Javier Salazar, launched a criminal investigation against DeSantis.

Lawsuits against DeSantis

In addition, the victims filed a class action lawsuit in federal court in Massachusetts. They were promised that “if they were willing to board planes to other states, they would receive employment, housing, educational opportunities, food, and assistance with immigration and other assistance upon arrival.”

The action could violate Texas laws such as unlawful restraint, exploitation of a child or elderly person, and certain fraud statutes.

There is no doubt that immigrants were cruelly victimized with impunity. In fact, they were kidnapped, according to their lawyers.

The three governors, all Republicans, as well as those from Congress who applaud them and demand more similar actions, are deliberately heating up the spirits, with the purpose of making the immigration issue central in the national elections on November 8, that the hostility against the immigrant gets more of their voters out on the streets, and may their peculiar “feat” be positively remembered the day they run for president themselves, one year from now.

They hope independent voters will freak out about illegal border crossings and forget about issues like abortion.

A risky gambit

However, instead of attracting support, it seems they generate rejection among independents.

Only one in four Americans support states using public funds to transport immigrants. And for 72% accepting refugees should be a “very” or “somewhat” important goal for the country, including 58% of Republicans.

While the majority of the population is still unwilling to accept the new immigrants, a late 2021 poll indicates that they “support a path to citizenship for certain groups of immigrants, including farmworkers, who are considered essential workers.” and immigrants brought to the US as children.”

The latter are the Dreamers.

Promoting immigration reform

And while it is true that for a third of Republicans, immigration is one of their main concerns. Only for 15% of them and 7% of the population, immigration is the biggest problem in the country. This after appearing in the headlines of the Republican media, in the most alarmist terms, every day.

We believe that there is a genuine willingness of an important part of the population to receive immigrants, especially those who have been living here for many years, raising families and contributing to the general good.

Despite this, majorities in Congress are prisoners of those who have managed to block any progress on the immigration issue for years. Those who reject any type of reform, which they consider an amnesty. They are based on a majority, the “base” of the Republican party, whose life hangs in the balance of Donald Trump’s mouth, and who try to displace the minority like the Chamber of Commerce types, the libertarians and the Republicans. traditional like Liz Cheney.

So the question is no longer whether the Republicans as a party will admit it. Long ago they ceased to be a party of commitment and national cohesion, to represent only an increasingly extremist rural white minority.

But outside of Congress, while the country is split in half on almost everything, including the border situation, compromise is possible in other migratory areas.

The question is, if the majority of the country is in favor of partial immigration reform, what is the current Democratic government of Joe Biden waiting to pass it in Congress?

We still have time for Congress to debate and vote on at least one of the several bills that have been introduced this session to show that it really cares about immigrants.

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