Hispanic Caucus launches anti-disinformation YouTube channel ‘Ya Tu Sabes’

The Congressional Hispanic Caucus campaign arm on Friday will debut a new YouTube channel with videos about top election issues for young Hispanics in Spanish and English.

The six-figure effort launched by Bold PAC, the Hispanic Caucus campaign group, will feature Los Angeles-born actress and comedian Gabriela Fresquez hosting the series’ English language videos.

The YouTube channel “Ya Tu Sabes” is part of a broader campaign dubbed “Our Lucha” intended to combat disinformation while energizing Latino voters to head to the polls.

In the introduction video , Fresquez makes comedic references to a host of clichés about the U.S. Hispanic community, like the excessive use of Vick’s VapoRub, lighting votive candles – “ la velita ” – and an unseen character, “Tío Jorge,” who is “still waiting for the Moderna vaccine to turn me into a lizard person.”

The tongue-in-cheek references are politically relevant as Republicans and Democrats compete to demonstrate deeper cultural competency to Hispanic constituencies ahead of the midterm elections.

“The effort to educate and engage the Latino community is ours – it’s our community and it’s our fight. Our […]


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