Democracy or Totalitarianism?

Perhaps you belong to the 37% of the world’s population who have no doubts when answering this question, because they believe that democracy is the best system of government, but this is not the case for the vast majority, since there is 67% who It doesn’t not matter what system governs them, they just want to live well economically, have security and health services, leaving the canons of freedom aside. Education is a special issue, since an educated people is not useful for totalitarianism.


At present we live in a world convulsed by a pandemic, war, terrorism, energy and food crises, and despite technological advances, life is worth less and less, increasing poverty and insecurity, where everyone sees their stability in danger, that the Today’s world is the breeding ground for totalitarian regimes, both right and left.

Contrary to popular belief, totalitarian regimes are not rejected by the vast majority, polls indicate that: “A bad democracy could be worse A2

than a rational totalitarianism” or that, “As long as the quality of life remains high, allowing people to live everyone as they wish, citizens can be completely happy under totalitarianism.”


George Orwell’s novel, 1984, tells us about a totalitarian, vigilant state without intellectual freedom, where he maintains that “there is no evidence that the desire for freedom and democracy is an innate part of human nature.”

Likewise, Orwell, in his work “Animal Farm” maintains that: “The human being is the only creature that consumes without producing. It doesn’t give milk, it doesn’t lay eggs, it’s too weak to pull the plough, it can’t run fast enough to catch rabbits, and yet it’s the one who exercises absolute totalitarianism over all animals.”


To give an example, we will analyze the rise of Adolf Hitler to power.

Let us remember that nine years before taking power, Adolf Hitler wrote My Struggle, Mein Kampf, expressing his racist ideology, dividing humanity into dominant superior beings and inferior beings that should disappear. As we know, even though his racist thinking was known, the Germans admitted him as their leader.

In a short time, Adolf Hitler turned Nazism into one of the first political forces, counting in 1932 with 230 seats in Congress, that is, the absolute majority.

The worker, bourgeois and union alliances that Hitler had forged before the elections would facilitate the formation of the totalitarian regime, for which the then President of Germany, Paul Von Hindenburg, granted Hitler the position of Chancellor, which he held from January from 1933 until his death in 1945.

1932 – Brave New World

The rise of Hitler occurred, even though in 1932 Aldous Huxley published his work “Brave New World”, where a world state manipulates reproduction to guarantee people perfectly adapted to their social position, designated with letters of the Greek alphabet from the Alpha, destined for leadership, even the Epsilons, designed for the most dangerous and repetitive tasks.

XXI century

In other words, ending totalitarianism may not be the ideal for everyone, for that reason we see totalitarian regimes resurgent and remain in power, which demonstrate the desires of some citizens to believe that totalitarianism is simply a different approach to running a country, valuing order above individual freedom

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