Review: Community Leaders Honored for Making Change Happen at the Grassroots

They imagined a world that didn’t exist yet and went about building it.

That was the common theme from three community organizers whose work proves that change really can happen through grassroots efforts, despite gridlocked legislatures, polarized politics and economic uncertainty.

The three organizers, among six who recently received the James Irvine Foundation 2023 Leadership Awards , spoke on Ethnic Media Services’ weekly national news briefing last week. Criminal justice reform

Dorsey Nunn runs Legal Services for Prisoners with Children and co-founded a parallel non-profit, All of Us or None. A criminal justice reformer who set up a small nonprofit for people – like himself – who are or were formerly incarcerated to fight for prisoner rights, Nunn operates a staff of 29 people, including four attorneys, as well as a network of chapters across the US.

His organization spearheaded the “ Ban the Box ” campaign that has stopped questions about conviction history from public employment applications in 50 cities in 35 states. “We […]

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