Addiction experts fear recent explosion in sports betting will have disproportionate impact on Latinos

When Juan Baez worked in the casino industry as a human resources training specialist, he knew how important it was to help patrons who showed signs of a gambling problem. Baez – who had previously struggled with substance abuse – now sought to educate fellow casino staff on recognizing the signs of addiction.

This is all part of his new life, having come full circle to be a problem gambling specialist for the State of Kansas. He’s coupled that with his Spanish fluency (his father is Puerto Rican and his mother Salvadoran) to help Latinos with gambling problems.

Baez anticipates he’ll soon get a lot more work: He and other experts are concerned about the recent explosion in sports betting, and how it’s affecting Latinos nationwide.

A survey by the Global Sport Institute at Arizona State University shows young Latino males are the demographic that […]

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